Sarah Edmundson

Set Times

  • Thursday ~ 7:15pm ~ Jam Tin

Sarah is a singer and pianist originally from Birmingham, England.

Whilst her day job is that of a doctor working in the remote NT, her first love is music, and she has recently returned to the stage following a period of hibernation. Influenced by major musicians spanning from the 60s to contemporary artists, her strong but soothing vocals and sensitive piano tones create a powerful presence with a very eclectic set.

4 Degrees

Set Times

  • Thursday ~ 10:15pm ~ Jam Tin
  • Saturday ~ 4:45pm ~ Jam Tin

4 Degrees return to Palm Creek after mystifying sellout crowds on their recent “Imaginary” tour.

While concert goers and critics alike, have long debated the admitted musical genius invention, the band shamelessly continues to evolve the definition of such meaning.

Late November

Set Times

  • Thursday ~ 11:15pm ~ Jam Tin
  • Friday ~ 7:15pm ~ Mountain Stage

A 6 piece rock band based in Townsville

Interests include:
- Cheeky gigs
- Long walks on the beach
- Staring longingly into Aden's eyes
- A good time

Fools Gold

Set Times

  • Thursday 6 June ~ 6:15pm ~ Jam Tin

A dynamic trio of acoustic guitar, bass and drums with enigmatic stage presence and featuring delightful harmonies, meaningful lyrics and catchy melodies, Fools Gold have stumbled across a winning combination.

This accidental ensemble began as casual jam but quickly became a smooth easy collaboration, with a stage dynamic that has been described as both random and electric.