Set Times

  • Friday ~ 2:30pm ~ Mountain Stage
  • Saturday ~ 12:30pm ~ Jam Tin

Father and Son duo, both with unique and different styles to each others.

Established throughout both the music community and the general community, Tom and Lawry A.K.A URAPUN have performed throughout Townsville and surrounding areas, both bringing a style of their own.

Michelle Govan & Dave Mullen

Set Times

  • Friday ~ 3pm ~ Jam Tin

Traditional Irish tunes at their finest played with finesse and style by fiddler Michele Govan accompanied expertly by singer-guitarist Dave Mullen who may grace us with a rousing Anglo/Celtic folk song or two.

Michele Govan began her musical career in Aussie Bush Bands then Plastic Paddy Bands before beginning her 20plus year pursuit of the pure drop Irish fiddle sound. She is always excited to share her love of diddilly. Dave Mullen has a lifetime experience of multiple musical styles most recently as member and manager of Scottish folk rock band Celtic Fyre and his guitar stylings and genuine approach to beloved folk songs are a delight to hear.

Astronaut Launch Party

Set Times

  • Friday ~ 9:30pm ~ Stompbox

spacefunk overdrive progressive hypergypsy punk folk rock opera

“Astronaut Launch Party captivates their audiences with their huge wash of funky, groovy playful sound. You feel like dancing and you feel like you are being told an entire book of stories. The main feeling you feel is joy! Their stage presence is magnetic, with stunning vocals and soaring harmonies. I cannot picture a festival without them!” — Ebony Buckle, London

Declan Kelly

Set Times

  • Friday ~ 3:30pm ~ Mountain Stage
  • Saturday ~ 9:30am ~ Jam Tin

Join one of Australia's most accomplished musicians at Palm Creek this year!

Declan Kelly was born in Sydney, Australia to an Irish father and Maori mother. Having two strong ancestral ties made it no wonder that creativity and music was running through his blood. His mother Salley, a singer also exposed Declan to the life of a musician and instruments from an early age where he took to the drums and guitar, singing to come later in his life.

Mindful Works


  • Friday ~ 2pm ~ The Shed
  • Saturday ~ 4pm ~ The Shed

Sharn Rocco (PhD) is a meditation and mindfulness practitioner, teacher, researcher and teacher educator. Twice scholar-in-residence for the Garrison Institute NY, Sharn has published research and magazine articles on the practice and effects of meditation and mindfulness for specific populations.

Sharn has been designing and leading mindfulness-based professional development, courses and retreats in Australia and overseas for more than a decade. What she offers is grounded in her daily mindfulness and meditation practice informed by regular retreats and study with renowned meditation masters in Australia, Europe, India and USA.

The Grubby Urchins

Set Times

  • Friday ~ 6pm ~ Jam Tin
  • Saturday ~ 12pm ~ Mountain Stage

On the nebulous intersection of trad jazz, sea shanty and good ol’ fashioned folk sit The Grubby Urchins, a duo of happy-go-lucky young Melburnians with dirty feet, useless degrees and a penchant for the eclecticly bizarre.

Armed with heady harmonies and intrepid instrumentals, the Urchins wage their reckless stylistic war on songs old and new, leaving audiences grinning in politeness and confusion and wondering where the youth of today went wrong.

Rachel Laing

Set Times

  • Friday ~ 12pm ~ Jam Tin
  • Saturday ~ 11:30am ~ Jam Tin

Rachel Laing has been performing solo on the Sydney scene since 2007 in pubs, clubs, restaurants, weddings and private functions.

She is a gifted vocalist with music in her veins inherited from her musician father Geoffrey M. Laing. Rachel has released 2 solo albums and is a professional in the growing entertainment industry.