Set Times

  • 7:45pm ~ Saturday ~ Jam Tin
  • 12:45pm ~ Sunday ~ Mountain Stage

Voye is a alternative pop act local to Townsville in North Queensland, that started in early 2019. The act is driven by the songwriting and artistic vision of Shemah Appleton, in collaboration with Ben Fryer and other musicians across the region. With songs born from heartbreak and hope, you'll find yourself lost in their spacious soundscapes. Shem has been playing music since the age of 6 and writing songs since 13. Venturing from the comforts of his usual acoustic-folk genre in the formation of Voye, hints of soul and pop can be found in their music, including a 4-track EP 'Hummingbird', released in mid-2019.

"a delicate, lyrical tapestry
that weaves itself around the
listener’s imagination"
- Huxley Press