The Firelight Collective

At a music festival somewhere last year, tomorrow, or perhaps right now - music rises into the night sky riding on the backs of sparks of light and firey embers, settling across the land as it entices others to seek it out and to join in the celebration.

The Firelight Collective work hard to deliver an engaging Reggae-Rock experience; taking the audience on a pulsating journey of groove and heart. Their driving motivation is to have fun and entertain, with a mix of covers and originals from a variety of genres from Reggae to Rock and many things in between.

Their current lineup includes;

Edward Osae (Bobby, Bob Karma) - "Rasta" vocals, percussion
Heather Armstrong (Miss Haitch) - vocals, bass
Mark Hillman - vocals, guitar, bass
Leon Whipp - guitar
Matt Rhodes (Ratman) - vocals, bass, guitar, trombone
Debie Djembe - percussion, bass
Dylan Howells - drums, percussion