Mark Hillman

Set Times

  • 9:00 - 10:00pm ~ Sunday 4 October

Fusing elements of blues, roots, rock, alternative, folk and classical; as a solo artist Mark has developed a distinctive sound. Combining his unique vocal tones, ranging from smooth and soulful to rockin' wails, with driving rhythms, intricate melodies and dynamic percussion from his guitar and the occassional piece of MIDI wizardry, Mark's original performance is intended to provoke thought, evoke emotions and inspire unity.

Drawing from a selection of original tracks, weaved with improvised instrumentals and poignant sentiments; whether delivering an inspired lyric or sliding and screaming his way around the frets, the sounds of Mark Hillman reach out and envelop listeners in sonic bliss, with the intention of leaving them feeling uplifted and inspired.

This year will see Mark joined by other members of The Firelight Collective in a mostly acoustic freestyle jam extravaganza.