Homunculus Theatre Company

Set Times

  • 2pm ~ Friday ~ Magic Garden
  • 10am ~ Saturday ~ Magic Garden
  • 10am ~ Sunday ~ Magic Garden
  • [Plus the opportunity to roam the festival with your Mask Family Group]

Homunculus Theatre Company is committed to building relationships with Queensland schools. Clint’s personal commitment to design experiences that suit the context and students of the school cannot be underestimated.

Drama teachers have this resource that breaks-down so many barriers and makes our students comfortable which opens a lot of doors for communication. Corinda SHS has chosen Homunculus to be our Theatre Company in residence, firstly because Corinda values physical theatre being the life line of drama and because of the quantifiable results in student development after a workshop run by Clint. He delivers expert tuition of the important and difficult skills needed for ensemble comedy. It is not simple, but complex theatre that evokes thought. Drama Practitioner Clint Bolster and Homunculus is the ‘face of’ Masked Theatre and it is a live, modern, engaging face that can connect with all grades, genders, cultures and abilities. Clint’s use of Masked Theatre, allows students to engage in a socially aware style of theatre that can be hard to access in a general classroom. Schools across the state may not always have access to resources such as masks so allowing Homunculus to demonstrate this art form would not only capture the audience but would build their appreciation for the endless opportunities to manipulate non-verbal communication in drama.” ★★★★★ - Mau Billiau, Drama Coordinator, Corinda State High School, QLD (2017)

"Manoeuvre have a wonderful wide range of acts and performers who are professional and very entertaining to a crowd of any size. They are excellent at communicating with you and extremely well organised. Thank you Manoeuvre for making our events ones to remember for all who came along!” ★★★★★
- Maddison Byrne, Sponsorship & Marketing Administrator, Brisbane Racing Club (2017)

"Kids and adults alike LOVED The Lolly Pop Ladies! Such great interactions by industry professionals, who clearly have fabulous comic timing!" ★★★★★
- Artist Co-Ordinator, The 2018 Commonwealth Games (2018)

“Clint Bolster’s detailed and beguiling performance is sublimely breathtaking” ★★★★★
- Ian Billings, Comedian & Author, UK (2017)