Ashlea Reale & the Outlaws

Set Times

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Be transported back in time with Ashlea Reale and her band of Outlaws as they bring to life forgotten stories of murder ,mystery and plight from our colonial history. Bushrangers, convicts and outlaws take centre stage in beautifully told stories engulfed in vocal harmonies and stringed instruments. This gang are the Reale deal, filled with charm, well crafted lyrics and catchy melodies.

Captivating audiences with her charming stories of local outlaws, Reale’s song writing style displays her ability to combine humour with the heartfelt through clever melodic devices. Paired with the influence of American blues guitarist Wanseth, this duo give a performance not to be missed!

The gang showcase singer/songwriter music in a traditional folk style. Their murder ballads theme concert that focuses on convicts and bushrangers was presented as part of the National Heritage Festival in 2019. Reale’s debut album, “In the Gallows”, is set to be released on December 8th.