Set Times

  • Friday ~ 7:15pm ~ Mountain Stage
  • Saturday ~ 3:15pm ~ Mountain Stage

"Imagine a hair-raising ride in a rickety stagecoach barrelling up the Tihuța Pass in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains, the smell of intoxicating incense filling the stuffy coach cabin, and the breathtaking views of the rugged landscape passing by the window.

Combine this with a soundtrack of soaring violin melodies over fast and furious modern rhythms with a deep underlying Eastern European flavour, and you have the essence of ALL STRINGS ATTACHED. The 6-piece gypsy inspired folk-rock band draw together numerous unlikely folk music traditions and successfully blend them together with a spicy melange of punk, polka, progressive rock and a dash of pirate-metal. The result is a sound that is uniquely ASA.

The ALL STRINGS ATTACHED live show takes their audience on a journey of dance and high energy mayhem. With a focus on audience participation, ALL STRINGS ATTACHED have reaped a reputation of being an incredible live experience that leaves audiences happily exhausted and craving more of their addictive music.

The ALL STRINGS ATTACHED live performances lead their audience on a merry dance of high energy mayhem and have reaped a reputation for causing an aftermath of ecstatic exhaustion. The band have rapidly become a favourite within the Australian music festival circuit and have performed at notable gatherings such as Woodford Folk Festival, The National Folk Festival, Concrete Jungle Festival, Wintermoon Festival, Palm Creek Folk Festival, Nimbin MardiGrass, Caloundra Music Festival, Maleny Music Festival, Home Festival, Red Fest and many more.

In 2015, ASA unleashed their debut self-titled E.P, presenting to the world a musical cross-road of eastern European gypsy sounds and progressive rock. Since then, the band has continued to establish itself within the festival circuit, whilst taking their song-writing to a new level, culminating in the recent release of their debut L.P ‘Incantations for Strange Folk’."