Palm Creek Festival 2021

Under The Sea

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Dan Baker & the Bookmakers

Set Times 8:45pm ~ Friday ~ Jam Tin 4pm ~ Saturday ~ Mountain Stage With an emphasis on strong lyrical foundations, Dan Baker and his band The Bookmakers weave intricate finger style folk harmonies around thoughtful and powerfully delivered melodies. Dynamic manipulation and vivid imagery persuade audiences to follow the singer through difficult subjects, while […]

33 1/3

Set Times 7pm ~ Saturday ~ Mountain Stage North Queensland’s favourite Celtic folk band, 33 1/3, returns to the Palm Creek Folk Festival with a fresh line-up ready to delight audiences with a rousing performance of both traditional and contemporary songs and tunes. Based in Townsville, 33 1/3 are famous for their driving tempo, skilful […]

Jesse Morris & the Shakedown

Set Times 8:15pm ~ Friday ~ Mountain Stage 10:45pm ~ Saturday ~ Jam Tin 2:45pm ~ Sunday ~ Mountain Stage Soul, roots & reggae troubadours based in the Northern Rivers Bundjalung region of the Byron Bay hinterland. Celebrating roots culture, Island vibrations & African-Caribbean rhythms. A well oiled touring machine featuring the killer rhythm section […]


Set Times 6:45pm ~ Friday ~ Mountain Stage An Ambient post rock outfit hailing from Townsville, North Queensland. With influences from Explosions in the sky, Sigur Ros & Julien Baker they aim to create atmospheric soundscapes focusing on dynamics & soaring melodies.

Tasha Zappala

Set Times 11:30am ~ Friday ~ Mountain Stage 12:15pm ~ Sunday ~ Jam Tin The dark and crooning gypsy-blues of songwriter Tasha Zappala entices listeners with her stomping folk-wailings and travelling tales. With looping harmonies, guitar and percussion, a cloak of past-century meanderings and shadows descend. Her intense gypsy-folk melodies will at one moment materialize […]

Legends Of Perhaps

Set Times 4:45pm ~ Friday ~ Jam Tin 8:45pm ~ Friday ~ Stomp Box 11am ~ Saturday ~ Mountain Stage 9am ~ Sunday ~ Jam Tin ~ Songwriting For Kids Workshop ‘Legends of Perhaps’ are an Indie/Folk/Pop group hailing from Cairns, Far North Queensland, flaunting a melodic infusion of mature vocals, guitar, celestial synth, keyboard, […]

Late November

Set Times 11:45pm ~ Friday ~ Jam Tin 9:45pm ~ Saturday ~ Mountain Stage Late November are the freshest indie rock outfit to come out of Townsville. They deliver original music with passionate lyrics with a driving rock beat behind it. Mid 2018 saw the release of their debut EP, capturing their energetic live sets […]

JC & the Tree

Set Times 12:30pm ~ Friday ~ Mountain Stage 6:15pm ~ Saturday ~ Jam Tin 9:45am ~ Sunday ~ Mountain Stage Acoustic duo blends the lyrical-focused vocals of lead singer Jesse Tree with heart wrenching soulful tones of Jacinta Simons on the violin. With touches of her piano accompaniment they have combined Jesse’s life long passion […]


Set Times 7:15pm ~ Friday ~ Jam Tin 3:15 ~ Sunday ~ Jam Tin Colie is a project from North Queensland Singer-Songwriter & co-founder of Neighbourhood Sessions and Neck Of The Woods Music Festival, Nicole Cross. Colie’s love of storytelling began at a very young age, inspired by her Grandfather and his love of Australian […]

Secret Country

Set Times 3:45pm ~ Friday ~ Jam Tin 10am ~ Saturday ~ Mountain Stage Original Latin Italian Folk Rock

Salt & Steel

Set Times 11:15pm ~ Friday ~ Mountain Stage 8:15pm ~ Saturday ~ Mountain Stage Salt and Steel are two whole hearted, empowering people, who do not try to be anything but themselves and put no rules on what music they write. Their music fuses rock and roots to create a sound that has been described […]

Tessa Devine

Set Times 12pm ~ Saturday ~ Mountain Stage 10:45am ~ Sunday ~ Mountain Stage ” …enchanting, warm, loving, hilarious and broken.” Tessa sings from her soul, weaving stories of heartbreak and hope. Her lyrics strike a chord that is so fundamentally human and accessible, that they take the listener on a journey to empowerment through […]

Von Lucas & Smith

Set Times 1:30pm ~ Friday ~ Mountain Stage 1pm ~ Saturday ~ Mountain Stage 2 Townsville seasoned musicians playing well known songs (and the occasional original) with their own unique flavour that sets them apart.

Vaudeville Smash

CANCELLED Sorry folks, Vaudeville Smash are locked down in MELBS Made up of three brothers and two mates, no other Australian band sounds like them. An explosion of funk, flute, sax, synth and groove, the dance floor is packed at a Vaudeville Smash gig, the crowd goes wild. In case you’re wondering, they took their […]


Set Times 3:30pm ~ Friday ~ Mountain Stage 4:45pm ~ Saturday ~ Jam Tin The BOF came together in late 2002, with a common interest in keeping music loud and proud. The current line up of members formed up in 2014, after the retirement of our previous singer who was responsible for dragging us out […]

Homunculus Theatre Company

Set Times 2pm ~ Friday ~ Magic Garden 10am ~ Saturday ~ Magic Garden 10am ~ Sunday ~ Magic Garden [Plus the opportunity to roam the festival with your Mask Family Group] Homunculus Theatre Company is committed to building relationships with Queensland schools. Clint’s personal commitment to design experiences that suit the context and students […]

Fools Gold

Set Times 1pm ~ Saturday ~ Mountain Stage 11:45am ~ Sunday ~ Mountain Stage FOOLS GOLD are an Original Four Piece Band from Far North Queensland. Singer/songwriters Stephen Maguire (rhythm) and Heather Armstrong (bass) began collaborating 5yrs ago as a duo, but the foolishness has grown with the addition of Corby Green (lead guitar) and […]


Set Times 3:45pm ~ Saturday ~ Jam Tin 2:15pm ~ Sunday ~ Jam Tin With her percussive finger tapping, guitar playing wizardry, not to mention the alluring power of her voice, Tullara has an undeniable, uniquely endearing stage presence of full of raw, powerful honesty, and swagger. Along with her all female, dynamic trio, this […]


CANCELLED Sorry folks, BluGuru are locked down in MELBS ~ Mr Andrew Clermont will still be joining us ~ Check Programme for details. A twisted tale of Indian, Blues, Celtic, Swing, Jazz, Bluegrass, and adventure. Multi-instrumentalists Josh Bennett and Andrew Clermont join the extraordinary vocals of Parvyn (daughter of the renowned singer Dya Singh) to […]

Meet The Locals

Set Times 12-2pm ~ Friday ~ Oasis APRA AMCOS’ ‘Meet The Locals’ sessions provide an opportunity for local songwriters to book in a 20 minute ‘one-on-one’ meeting with an APRA AMCOS representative. These sessions aim to develop closer connection between songwriters and those who support them in their craft. Booking sheet will be on the […]

Ray Smith & Tim Bennett

Set Times 2:45pm ~ Friday ~ Jam Tin ~ Bass and guitar workshop, including guitar alternative tunings and bass looping techniques 3pm ~ Saturday ~ Mountain Stage 1:15pm ~ Sunday ~ Jam Tin Acclaimed singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist who has been a working musician for forty years since moving to Australia from his native Cumbria. […]

Circus Ablanza

Set Times 8pm ~ Friday ~ The Hive Circus Alabanza is a combined firetwirling and circus performing troupe, based in the Townsville area.

4 Degrees

Set Times 4:30pm ~ Friday ~ Mountain Stage 1:45pm ~ Saturday ~ Jam Tin 4 Degrees return to Palm Creek after mystifying sellout crowds on their recent “Imaginary” tour. While concert goers and critics alike, have long debated the admitted musical genius invention, the band shamelessly continues to evolve the definition of such meaning.

Andrew Clermont

A clip from the wonderous re-union of Andrew Clermont’s Supper Club made possible through The Bushfire Community Recovery and Resilience Fund Phase 2, a joint Commonwealth-State fund. Volunteers for this project were either members of RFS or fire affected individuals or both. Set Times 10:15pm ~ Friday ~ Jam Tin (with Tim Bennet) 12:45pm ~ […]

Mitch King

Set Times 10pm ~ Saturday ~ Jam Tin 1:45pm ~ Sunday ~ Mountain Stage Mitch King is a traveling artist from Australia and his music is inspired by his love of life and sense of freedom. “Instantly, Believe swells into that classic MitchKing folk mastery. He has a unique way of picking an acoustic guitar—something […]


triple j Unearthed Embedded Player Set Times 7:45pm ~ Saturday ~ Jam Tin 12:45pm ~ Sunday ~ Mountain Stage Voye is a alternative pop act local to Townsville in North Queensland, that started in early 2019. The act is driven by the songwriting and artistic vision of Shemah Appleton, in collaboration with Ben Fryer and […]

Don’t Wake The Baby

Set Times 11:45am ~ Saturday ~ Jam Tin Don’t wake the baby are Corby Green and Shaun Dempsey at their stripped down, buff looking best. Acoustic versions of rock songs, and rocky versions of acoustic songs all mixed in with a healthy dose of audience participation will have you melting in your chair one minute […]

The Timbers

Set Times 9:45pm ~ Friday ~ Mountain Stage 11:15pm ~ Saturday ~ Mountain Stage THE TIMBERS’ thumping rhythms and big misty mountain melodies will cast you away to a sweaty, smoky, melting-pot of folk, roots and Celtic bushman brassy punk. They rollick and hammer their way through live gigs with abundant energy and have become […]

Deep Sea Creature

Set Times 2:30pm ~ Friday ~ Mountain Stage 2:45pm ~ Saturday ~ Jam Tin Deep Sea Creature are Townville’s premier performers of the songs and music of Tony Squires! Etheric, atmospheric soundtrack rock is just the beginning.

Astronaut Launch Party

Set Times 5pm ~ Sunday ~ Mountain Stage Astronaut Launch Party, a 6 piece cluster of psychedelic musical roamers hailing from the Tropical North Queensland, have been playing their space funk overdrive progressive hypergypsy punk folk rock opera in various guises for the last 20 years, becoming Astronaut Launch Party in 2018. With musical influences […]

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