Staying There

Palm Creek Festival is a camping weekend, with camping fees included in your ticket price. There are some great campsites in what must be described as an idyllic setting nestled under Mt Elliot.

The grounds have hot (if you are quick) showers, and temporary toilets (including disabled facilities) are brought in to augment existing facilities.

The tap water on site is not drinkable unless boiled, so while it’s great for making a billy of tea and coffee, it’s not recommended otherwise. However, there will be a tanks of drinking water set up near the permanent amenities block for you to refill your water drinking bottles. So please remember to pack your own.

  • tent
  • bedding (it can get cold… and hot)
  • clothing to suit (it can be hot during the day and cold at night – pack for both… including an umbrella in case we get some rain)
  • toiletries
  • drinking water
  • food (or eat at the many excellent food stalls)


Guide dogs or Assistance dogs only.

No other pets or animals are allowed on site.

You and your pet will be asked to leave the festival grounds immediately.

Eating and drinking

You have two options for eating at the festival.

You are welcome to bring your own gas stoves for cooking. Of course you can always eat at one of the various food stalls, which cater to a wide range of tastes…..from vegetarian to just about anything else you might fancy.

Fires are allowed but must be contained within a Brazier and attended at all times with 2 ready buckets of water nearby. All current Fire Regulations apply. Please bring your own (very dry) firewood. Wood should not be scavenged from the festival surrounds as it will likely be wet and smoke rather than give off heat and light.

Ice will be available for purchase from Thursday afternoon.

There is no bar at this festival but alcohol isn’t banned. Feel free to bring your own refreshments and enjoy them in camp or seated in the festival proper (no open containers may be carried around festival site proper). We encourage responsible consumption of alcohol. Underage drinking will not be tolerated, nor will anti-social behaviour. Police and security patrol the festival and camping site ensuring the festival is enjoyable for all.


Palm Creek now has a camping co-ordinator and uses street names to help you navigate. You are welcome to camp there before the festival starts on Thursday night and after the festival finishes on Sunday however additional camping charges apply and there will be no extra facilities provided before the festival starts. Please be mindful of setting up in places where festival sites, facilities and emergency access tracks are or you may be asked to move camp. Please do not enter the festival site prior to the Opening time on Thursday the 8th June. The site will be under construction and not safe for you to enter. There will be signs to guide you.

All large camping vehicles must camp at the top camping area (near the entrance of the festival) not in the back Noisy Camping area and Pumpkin Patch.


Please help the Festival move toward Zero Waste by thinking ‘Reusable’, ( i.e.. can you carry your own coffee cup) ‘Compostable’ and ‘Take home able’ (your rubbish that is).You will receive rubbish bags at the main gate when you check in.

Please help Palm Creek to be as clean as possible