Enter in the 2022 Townsville Folk Club Songwriting Competition and/or Amnesty International Townsville Songwriting Competition.

Competitions will be held concurrently across two days at the Jam Tin Stage between 09:00 am- 10:00 am Saturday, and 9:45 am -10:45 am Sunday.

Entrants are required to place their name and song title on the blackboard (besides the Jam Tin Stage) assigned for the competition they wish to enter up to an hour before the competition commences.

One song per act per competition. You can enter one into both categories.

Category one: The 2021 Amnesty International Townsville Songwriting Competition requires all entries to fit a Human Rights theme.

Subjects include:

- Refugee Rights

- End The Death Penalty

- Anti-racism

- Women’s Rights

- Protect Protest

- Indigenous Justice

- Political prisoners

- Climate Justice

- LGBTQIA+ Rights

Category two:  The 2021 Townsville Folk Club Songwriting Competition has no subject requirements.

Each Category carries a prize of $150 for first place and two $50 runner-up prizes.

Winners will be announced and invited to perform at the festival’s Closing Ceremony on Sunday


Both competitions will be adjudicated by an expert panel appointed by the Palm Creek Folk Festival Programming Crew.

These judges are Lofty Heyts (Block Of Flats), Peter Hanley (Amnesty

International) and Dan Baker (dan baker & The Bookmakers).