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Set Times Saturday ~ 7:15pm ~ Mountain Stage Day ~ time ~ Stage North Queensland’s Favourite High Energy Celtic Party Band. 2012 ABC TV ‘Exhumed’ band competition regional winners. Just go and see them!

4 Degrees

Set Times Thursday ~ 9:15pm ~ Jam Tin Day ~ time ~ Stage 4 Degrees are the festivals first ever hydro-electric alternative folk band. Their sound is ethically sourced, sustainably green and will literally make you the happiest person that ever lived.

4th Sunday Folk Music Group

Set Times Saturday ~ 10:15pm ~ Homestead Sunday ~ 2:00pm ~ Homestead An hour of music from our colonial and post federation past with Townsville’s own4th Sunday Folk Music Group. Presented as it was, acoustic and unplugged. Enjoy the music, and earn about the people behind its creation.


Set Times Friday ~ 7:15pm ~ Mountain Stage Saturday ~ 3:15pm ~ Mountain Stage “Imagine a hair-raising ride in a rickety stagecoach barrelling up the Tihuța Pass in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains, the smell of intoxicating incense filling the stuffy coach cabin, and the breathtaking views of the rugged landscape passing by the window. Combine […]


Set Times Saturday ~ 7:15pm ~ Stompbox Arik has been a unique guitarist/songwriter for many local bands over the years. This year at the Stompbox he will be performing an original solo act. Carefully, Arik has infused many styles of music into the orchestration of his songs.


Set Times thursday ~ 10:15pm ~ Jam Tin Day ~ time ~ Stage Local Townsville band playing original songs about love, life and just being alive.


Set Times Friday ~ 8:15pm ~ Jam Tin Saturday ~ 3:45pm ~ Jam Tin The coconut wireless has relayed the message that Ben Fowler has just returned to his mother country Australia to kick start a new musical project, Benji and the Saltwater Sound System. After a year of village living in remote Solomon Islands […]

Biggie Nixz

Set Times Saturday ~ 3:00pm ~ Stompbox Day ~ time ~ Stage Using a fusion of electric and live instruments Biggie Nixz creates a type of music that’ll have you tapping your toes, laughing out and singing along. Described as a mix between Tom waits, Michael Jackson and Jack Black, Biggie Nixz has spent the […]

Celtic Strings

Set Times Sunday ~ 9:15am ~ Jam Tin Celtic Strings showcases Townsville’s young musicians on fiddle, flute, tinwhistle, mandolin, accordian, cello, kahun, bodhran, bones. Toe-tapping, exhilarating, Celtic infused tunesets lift the audience to cheers and thunderous applause, inspiring people to have fun making music!

Circus Alabanza

Set Times Friday ~ 8pm ~ The Hive Circus Alabanza warmly invites you to their newest and most exciting endeavour yet. Celestial Spatium is a post-apocalyptic rave in space. Join this trippy team of fire twirling science wizards as they battle their way towards the brightest of burning stars. For a scintilla of flaming hallucinogenic […]

Dana Lyons

Set Times Friday ~ 5pm ~ Jam Tin Saturday ~ 12pm ~ Mountain Stage “Best known for his global comedy hit “Cows With Guns” which went to #2 on Australia’s Country Charts and remained on Ireland’s Top 40 for six months, Dana Lyons is a singer, guitarist and recording artist who has toured the world […]

Deep Sea Creature

Set Times Thursday ~ 8:15pm ~ Jam Tin Day ~ time ~ Stage Deep Sea Creature From the depths of imagination: the sounds of distant music emerge. Songs of poetry, and poetry of song; presented for your edification. Polished for years, some of these pieces have a lustrous sheen! THURS JAM TIN 8.15PM


Set Times Sunday ~ 12:45pm ~ Mountain Stage Sunday (WORKSHOP) ~ 3:30pm ~ The Shed Drumbumba is a community minded drumming troupe based in Townsville. Featuring a fun n funky mixture of African rhythm, song, and dance, we play on traditional African instruments and love sharing our passion for African rhythm and dance.


Set Times Friday ~ 11:45pm ~ Mountain Stage Saturday ~ 8:45pm ~ Mountain Stage Sunday ~ 5:30pm ~ Mountain Stage “Uplifting, Soulful & Euphoric, Dubarray combine a fresh fusion of boundary bending world music that infuses such styles as trip-hop, funk, reggae, dancehall, drum & bass, house and tribal grooves layered on a bed electronic […]


Set Times Friday ~ 9:45pm ~ Jam Tin Saturday ~ 2:15pm ~ Mountain Stage Sunday ~ 4:00pm ~ Jam Tin “Described as a likeness to a female powerhouse trio combined, Essie Thomas sounds like Missy Higgins, Janis Joplin and Ani DiFranco fused into one spectacularly entertaining Singer-Songstress”. “Described as a likeness to a female powerhouse […]


Set Times Thursday ~ 6:15pm ~ Jam Tin “A dynamic Trio of acoustic guitar and bass and drums, with enigmatic stage presence and featuring delightful harmonies, meaningful lyrics and catchy melodies, Fools Gold have stumbled across a winning combination. This accidental ensemble of just over a year, began as casual jam but quickly became a […]

Freaky Bizness

Set Times Saturday ~ 8:45pm ~ Jam Tin Freaky Bizness is a multi piece collective featuring sexy horns, pulsating rhythms, harmonic vocals and soaring melodies. The band has developed a solid core of original tunes influenced by reggae, afrobeats, soul and jazz. They also cover a range of artists including Herbie Hancock, Toots and the […]

Halelujah Baby

Set Times Sunday ~ 9:45am ~ Mountain Stage Halelujah Baby play an eclectic mix of original Folk/Rock mixed with hot contemporary favourites! Bleeding lead from Corby Green punctuates the meticulous beats of Paula Swanson. A soulful selection of songs with lead vocals from Anu Grace are complimented by the earthy b.v’s & keys of Sophie […]


Set Times Friday ~ 5:30pm ~ Mountain Stage Saturday ~ 8:15pm ~ Jam Tin Saturday ~ 4pm ~ The Shed ~ Double Bass Workshop Sunday ~ 1:45pm ~ Mountain Stage Fresh off the release of their new single, Harrison is “a rich slice of acoustic folk” (Tonedeaf.com.au). Combining soulful transcending harmonies, soaring string arrangements, tap […]

Hear Me Out

Set Times Friday ~ 8:30pm ~ Stompbox Hear me out is a four piece hip hop band from Townsville that is here to play music and have a fun time. Heavily influenced by Australian acts like Hilltop Hoods, Bliss n Eso, and Thundamentals, Hear Me Out bring incredible energy to every stage they perform on. […]

Jacob Diamond

Set Times Friday ~ 7:15pm ~ Jam Tin Saturday ~ 9:00am ~ Mountain Stage Alt-folk oddity Jacob Diamond sings bold songs about love and death. After years in Perth’s songwriting underground, Diamond has recently emerged as one of the foremost singer-songwriters in the west, furnished with huge melodies and incisive lyrics.

Jordan Brodie

Set Times Friday ~ 3:30pm ~ Mountain Stage Saturday ~ 10:30am ~ Jam Tin Sunday ~ 10:00am ~ Jam Tin Queensland Music Award winning guitarist and composer, Jordan Brodie, is regarded as “one of the best young guitar players in the area” blending the sounds of folk, jazz and classical music, similar to Tommy Emmanuel, […]

KC & The Moonlight Band

Set Times Friday ~ 12:30pm ~ Mountain Stage Saturday ~ 8:45pm ~ Stomp Box KC & The Moonlight Band are a well-oiled music machine. They not only have their own standout style of groovy ingenious guitar licks, soul soothing bass lines and the unique backbone beat – they also have inimitable personalities which they aren’t […]

Lachlan Hawkins

Set Times Friday ~ 3:30pm ~ Mountain Stage Saturday ~ 10:30am ~ Jam Tin Sunday ~ 10:00am ~ Jam Tin Lachlan is one of Australia’s most inspiring young percussionists and educators, with a background in jazz, classical and contemporary music. Lachlan has a passion for the unique steel sound sculpture known as the ‘handpan’, and […]

Late November

Set Times Saturday ~ 9:45pm ~ Stomp Box Late November are the freshest indie rock outfit to come out of Townsville. They deliver original music with passionate lyrics with a driving rock beat behind it. Mid 2018 saw the release of their debut EP, capturing their energetic live sets in a whole new way.

Legends of Perhaps

Set Times Saturday ~ 12:45pm ~ Stomp Box Legends of Perhaps are a young sibling band with folk/pop influences. They are passionate about their planet and this shines through in some of their songs. Singer/songwriter Amber Farnan leads her band with mature vocals as she sings tales of laughter, fear and sorrow seen through the […]

Leni Peirano

Set Times Friday ~ 12:00pm ~ Jam Tin Day ~ time ~ Stage Leni Peirano is a singersongwriter who fuses an eclectic mixture or Australian and Latin American folk traditions through rhythmic classical guitar and intimate lyricism and storytelling. Having spent her life traversing her dual homes of Australia and Uruguay, Leni has absorbed disparate […]


Set Times Friday ~ 1:30pm ~ Mountain Stage Saturday ~ 1:00pm ~ The Shed [Percussive Guitar Workshop Sunday ~ 1:00pm ~ Jam Tin Brisbane based guitarist and singer, Majelen, is fast becoming one of Qld’s premier and ground-breaking artists in the indie/folk music scene. With a unique percussive guitar style featuring rhythms inspired from years […]

Mark Hillman

Set Times Saturday ~ 11:00am ~ Mountain Stage Sunday ~ 12:00pm ~ Jam Tin Sunday ~ 2:00pm ~ The Shed – Busking Workshop Combining his unique vocal tones, ranging from smooth and soulful to rockin’ wails, with driving rhythms, intricate melodies and dynamic percussion from his guitar, the sounds of Mark Hillman reach out and […]

Ray Smith & Kerryn Schofield

Set Times Friday ~ 4:15pm ~ Mountain Stage Saturday ~ 1:45pm ~ Jam Tin Saturday ~ 12:00pm ~ The Shed – Demystifying the fretboard workshop Sunday ~ 11:45am ~ Mountain Stage Ray Smith is an acclaimed singer/songwriter and multi instrumentalist. “If he doesn’t bring a tear to your eye you haven’t been listening.” A classically […]

Secret Tuesdays

Set Times Friday ~ 4:00pm ~ Jam Tin Saturday ~ 1:15pm ~ Mountain Stage Sunday ~ 10:30am ~ The Shed – Singing in harmony workshop Secret Tuesdays mingle tales of love and death with slapstick vignettes of drunken nights and getaway cars, to tell secrets tall and true – some sweet as country sunshine, some […]

Tasha Zappala

Set Times Friday ~ 1:00pm ~ Jam Tin Saturday ~ 11:30am ~ Jam Tin Sunday ~ 12:15pm ~ Stomp Box Her intense gypsy-folk melodies will at one moment materialize into dainty falsettos, and at the next into a throaty, growling chest tone. An edge and a gritty presence, Zappala weaves abstracted tales of foggy memories […]

The Firelight Collective

Set Times Saturday ~ 2:15pm ~ Stomp Box In the warm glow of a campfires illumination, at a music festival somewhere last year, tomorrow or perhaps right now, music rises into the night sky riding on the backs of sparks and embers and settles on the campground, enticing others to seek it out and to […]

The Moonsets

Set Times Thursday ~ 11:15pm ~ Jam Tin Friday ~ 6:00pm ~ Jam Tin Saturday ~ 7:00pm ~ Jam Tin Electric Harp pours out psychedelic melodies over stylin’ rhythms laced with soulful vocals. Sunshine Coast (ex TVL) Folk funksters The Moonsets conjure up a lushly groovy, dark and sparkling, cinematic brew. Harper Kayt Wallace immerses […]

The Sexicclesiastes

Set Times Friday ~ 9:45pm ~ Stomp Box Having been described as a “raucous circus of hyper speed gypsy rock” embracing “just about every element of theatrical rock & roll in existence”, this psychedelic punk folk outfit has been bringing their vigorous foot stomping hectic good times tunage to Palm Creek for at least 15 […]

The Timbers Band

Set Times Friday ~ 8:15pm ~ Mountain Stage Saturday ~ 11:15pm ~ Jam Tin Sunday ~ 11:45am ~ Blackboard Stage – Workshop “Jammin with The Timbers Band” Sunday ~ 2:45pm ~ Mountain Stage The Timbers’ thumping rhythms and big misty mountain melodies will cast you away to a sweaty, smoky, melting-pot of folk, roots and […]

The Vertigals / Elation Aerials Workshop

Set Times Saturday ~ Village Green Townsville-based aerial performance artists, the Vertigals, bring an entrancing combination of aerial dance infused with acrobatics and contortion. Their gravity-defying performances on a range of aerial apparatus will captivate your imagination and add a little magic to the festival air.


Set Times Thursday ~ 7:15pm ~ Jam Tin Uke Nomad play original & contemporary Jazz/Folk featuring Tenor & Bass Ukuleles at their best. Tripping tenor uke loops allows the flute & gorgeous vocal lead and harmonies to soar, providing a backdrop for the hand penned lyrics to shine through amidst a smattering of favourite covers.

Wattle ‘n’ Gum

Set Times Saturday ~ 4:30pm ~ Mountain Stage Townsville’s own Bush Dance band extraordinaire! Festival favourites Wattle’n’Gum will get young and old folk up and dancing.

Woodenbong Fire Tribe

Set Times Saturday ~ 6:15pm ~ Frog Hollow Woodenbong Fire Tribe get their groove on to electro swing with a hint of carnival old school circus. “Creating fire and dance performances in the Townsville region since 1995ish”.

Z-Star Trinity

Set Times Friday ~ 10:15pm ~ Mountain Stage Saturday ~ 12:30pm ~ Blackboard Stage – Songwriting and performing workshop Saturday ~ 11:45pm ~ Mountain Stage Shaking up the Australian blues scene, award-winning international artist Zee Gachette will be setting the stage alight with her high octane energy modern blues, psyche rock, folk n’ funk. Zee’s […]

Zen Tripitalia

Set Times Friday ~ 2:30pm ~ Mountain Stage Saturday ~ 12:30pm ~ Jam Tin Sunday ~ 10:45am ~ Mountain Stage Andrew Clermont and Chris Blyth play an eclectic mix of Bluegrass, Folk, Western Swing, Country, Celtic tunes & improvisation combining the virtuosity of Andrew’s amazing sometimes acoustic guitar, fiddle or mandolin with that of Chris’s […]