2022 INFO | FAQs | T&Cs

THERE WILL BE NO PRE-FESTIVAL CAMPING, THE GROUND IS PRIVATE PROPERTY. GATE WILL OPEN 10AM THURSDAY 9th June 2022. Please do not arrive before this time unless prior arrangements made with organisers.


The organisers of the Palm Creek Folk Festival have adopted a proactive policy of zero tolerance towards the under aged consumption of alcohol at our festival. Ultimately, this will mean that any minors caught with alcohol in their possession as well as those adults who have supplied them will be handed over to the relevant authorities and immediately removed from the festival.

Substantial fines and court proceedings for both the minor and the adult are a possible outcome.

NO PETS ON SITE INCLUDING CATS, DOGS, PENGUINS AND GIANT PANDAS. BRING YOUR ANIMAL AND YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE! Exceptions only for guide or assistance dogs.(Please let us know in advance at

Festival Tickets

PHOTO ID: If one of the conditions of your ticket requires you to produce photo ID, then the gatekeeper asks for it and you’ve forgotten to bring it, you will just have to go home and get it before we let you in. No ifs, buts or maybes.

WRISTBANDS: When you come in at the festival gate, you will be given a wristband. The colour will be dependent on the type of ticket you have purchased. It is to be worn and visible at all times. Wristbands are non-refundable, non-transferable and invalid if tampered with or broken. If you do not have a wristband or if you have the wrong coloured wristband, our festival security team, who can sniff this out at over twenty paces, will ask you to buy another ticket or go home.

FULL SEASON TICKETS: The season tickets includes all camping fees and entitles the purchaser to be at the festival camping grounds from 10am Thursday morning of the festival until 10am Monday morning after the festival weekend. Please note, the festival precinct is still under construction at this point in time, and entry will not be allowed until start of festival 6pm Thursday.

WEEKEND CAMPING TICKETS: The two night pass includes camping fees and entitles the purchaser to be at the festival from 8am Friday of the festival until 8pm on the Sunday. If you wish to stay on the Sunday night, you will need to purchase a full season ticket.

ONE NIGHT STAND CAMPING TICKETS: The one night camping tickets are for Saturday ONLY and allows purchaser to be on site from 8am Saturday  until close of festival Sunday .

DAY TICKETS: The day-pass ticket does NOT include camping, however allows you to stay on site from 8am to close of programming. If you are caught trying to camp on a day ticket, you will be asked to leave.

ADULT TICKETS: All purchasers of adult tickets must be over 18 years of age and may be required to produce proof of age (photo ID) at the gate.

YOUTH TICKETS : All youth 13-17 must be accompanied by parent/guardian or grandparents. If a youth is NOT camping with family, they must be accompanied by an adult 25 yrs or over when entering the festival. Photo ID (Student card) may be asked for proof of age.

CHILDREN 12 and UNDER: May only enter the festival with Adult supervision. As much as we LOVE having lots of children being a part of our festival, they are still the responsibility of their parents/guardians. Please, for their own safety, be mindful of where your children are at all times.

UNACCOMPANIED UNDER 18 YEAR OLDS': will be refused entry to the festival.

General Conditions and Camping:

SEATING: please bring own camp chairs for seating to comply with COVID safety and social distancing. People may sit in groups with 1.5 metres between groups.

ANTI- SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR: Will NOT be tolerated. Palm Creek Folk Festival is a family  and community event. Please drink responsibly and conduct yourself socially. Any anti-social behaviour will be dealt with by our security staff and may lead to eviction.

WEATHER: The Festival will take place regardless of the weather. The weather during the Festival can vary so come prepared for a bit of rain, warm sunny days and cool nights. Don't forget to pack the sunscreen!!

DRINKING WATER: There will be drinking water on site provided in water tanks in the camp-site, festival site and Volunteers camp site.

FOOTWEAR: is to be worn at all times.

FESTIVAL PROGRAM: The organising committee reserves the right to make changes to the festival program if required, and every year they hope and pray that it doesn’t. Programs will be available on our website soon. Assist in paper reduction & download the program onto your smart phone before you arrive.

AUDIO, VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHS: Please respect the copyright and livelihood of our artists by not taking photographs, video or audio recording without prior approval.

PETS: Pets are not permitted on the festival site. An exception will be made for guide or assistance dogs, however, as organisers we need to know. Please email coordinator@palmcreek.com.au.

ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES: Those caught with illegal substances in their possession will be dealt with by law. No ifs or buts. This issue threatens the future of the festival and will not be tolerated. If it’s illegal off site, it’s illegal on site.

SECURITY OF PERSONAL ITEMS: The festival organisers are unable to accept responsibility for the loss or theft of personal items. Please lock any valuables, alcohol or cigarettes in your car. Although the Rare Palm Creek Looting Snake is on the endangered list, it has been known to make the odd appearance and its bite can be very nasty.

CAMPING: Please camp in the designated camp areas. Due to COVID safety measures, there will be a 5 metre gap between campsites. Volunteers will assist in directing camping. If you intend to camp in a group, please let them know so they can allow enough space. To save space we will provide parking for your vehicle if it isn't needed, so you can set up camp and drive out. Toilets and showers are easily accessible around the camp grounds

CAMPFIRES: One self contained fire pit (brazier) is allowed at your campsite, 2 full buckets of water are required at all times. Fires must not be left unattended, any fires unattended will be extinguished by camping volunteers.

GENERATORS: Sorry... no generators on the camp site.

GUY ROPES: Please ensure that any guy ropes around your site do not pose a safety hazard for other campers. If necessary, mark them with white plastic strips.

LITTER: Our new site will allow us to recycle as much as we can. We appreciate your attention to detail when disposing of waste into the appropriate containers. Please use these facilities thoughtfully. Please keep your sites litter free & preferably take all your rubbish home with you.

LOUD MUSIC: For the comfort of others, please do not play loud music or drums in the general camping areas. We all need our sleep and believe me, there’s nothing worse than a tired and cranky terms and conditions writer. So either keep the noise down or wait and see what doozies she can come up with for next year.

O.K. So there’s the list of do’s and don’ts. But most importantly... DO enjoy the festival and your fellow Creekers!

Getting There

Head towards Charters towers on Flinders Hwy/A6 - about 43 km ~ Turn left onto Dingo Park Rd. - 10 km ~ Turn right onto Webb Rd and continue on all the way to the end to Footshill station gate - 8.8 km ~ Thats it!

See you there!