Sadly we are unable to host Vaudeville Smash or BluGuru this year.  Both of these wonderful acts have been locked down in Melbourne due to the Covid pandemic.  Being such wonderful friends to the festival, we're sure to see them again in years to come.

So, this is what is happening...

The amazing Andrew Clermont from BluGuru is happliy still able to join us alongside quite frankly majical local act Voye...

& Festival favourites, those cheeky Adelaideians The Timbers will be gracing the Mountain Stage with their..."thumping rhythms and big misty mountain melodies"!? who could possibly resist!

The Timbers

Set Times

  • 9:45pm ~ Friday ~ Mountain Stage
  • 11:15pm ~ Saturday ~ Mountain Stage

THE TIMBERS’ thumping rhythms and big misty mountain melodies will cast you away to a sweaty, smoky, melting-pot of folk, roots and Celtic bushman brassy punk. They rollick and hammer their way through live gigs with abundant energy and have become festival favourites throughout Australia.

"This Adelaide based band has an infectious desire to take their audience on a wild ride of non stop musical passion with no limits".


Set Times

  • 7:45pm ~ Saturday ~ Jam Tin
  • 12:45pm ~ Sunday ~ Mountain Stage

Voye is a alternative pop act local to Townsville in North Queensland, that started in early 2019. The act is driven by the songwriting and artistic vision of Shemah Appleton, in collaboration with Ben Fryer and other musicians across the region. With songs born from heartbreak and hope, you'll find yourself lost in their spacious soundscapes. Shem has been playing music since the age of 6 and writing songs since 13. Venturing from the comforts of his usual acoustic-folk genre in the formation of Voye, hints of soul and pop can be found in their music, including a 4-track EP 'Hummingbird', released in mid-2019.

"a delicate, lyrical tapestry
that weaves itself around the
listener’s imagination"
- Huxley Press

Andrew Clermont

A clip from the wonderous re-union of Andrew Clermont's Supper Club made possible through The Bushfire Community Recovery and Resilience Fund Phase 2, a joint Commonwealth-State fund. Volunteers for this project were either members of RFS or fire affected individuals or both.

Set Times

  • 10:15pm ~ Friday ~ Jam Tin (with Tim Bennet)
  • 12:45pm ~ Saturday ~ Jam Tin (Mandolin . Fiddle . Guitar Workshop)

Andrew Clermont is a chameleon multi-instrumental musician from Bluegrass to Indian, Scandinavian to Oldtime. Has toured with various essence of Australia & US country music and rubbed shoulders with the cools of jazz and classical. A 3 time Bluegrass Guitar Champ and a Director of the Golden Fiddle Awards in Australia!

"The Uncommon Non Dominator" 🙂 - Mal Webb