Youth Ticket Policy

A harmonious and happy festival is what we all strive for and we need to ensure that the Palm Creek Folk Festival is a safe and secure place for all ages.

Part of that safe and secure policy means that we have an obligation to adhere with legislation regarding attendance of minors.

In order to meet these policy and legislation obligations we have, in recent years, introduced our Youth Ticket Policy.

Youth Ticket Policy

Youth tickets (15 – 17 years old) may only be purchased in conjunction with a Youth + Responsible Adult Ticket or as an extra Youth Ticket along with a Family or Single family ticket purchase (where the 18+ is a parent or grand parent)

A Youth + Responsible Adult Ticket holder must be aged 18 years or older and must be contactable by mobile phone at the festival.

As the purchaser of a Youth + Responsible Adult Ticket you must:

  • Provide your relevant festival contact details with the ticket purchase.
  • Agree to our terms and conditions of entry – see our Terms & Conditions
  • Advise any associated youth ticket holders of the consequences of any breaches of these terms and conditions prior to arrival at the event.