There’s so much more to get involved in than just the music. Throughout the weekend artists and crafty people alike present a range of workshops to teach you new skills or improve on old ones.

Check the program for details.

Workshops in 2017

Tunes Teaching

With Dave South teaching some of the tunes from our performance.
SAT 11.30AM – 12.30PM

Funk Bass

Al on bass, Richard on drums give a demonstration about how awesome and powerful drum and bass can be. The theory behind funky bass lines, some advice on practising and exercises.
SUN 11.15AM – 12.15PM

Festival Choir

A series of workshops culminating in performance as part of the closing ceremony. For beginners and experienced singers using a variety of acapella styles, harmony and fun.
SUN 4PM – 4.45PM


Bringing select screenings to the Festival. With special guest Merewez Whaleboat to celebrate the Mabo Anniversary.
FRI 7.30PM – 9.45PM
SAT 10.30AM – 12.45PM,  8PM – 10PM

Shanties and Songs of the Seven Seas

Bob Eden
The origin, history and application of sea shanties, and a few examples of ForeBitters, and why they are different from shanties.
The Homestead
Fri 1pm – 2pm

Healing Workshop on the Gift of Depression

Bob Eden
As a participant, counsellor and researcher of depression, I present an alternative view and therapy.
The Yarning Circle
Sun 1.45pm – 2.45pm

Tune Into Turning

Chris Young
Are you one of the 50-80% of people with neck pain? One simple strategy to address pain is to use your body more intelligently. Explore how to use your skeletal connections to turn with more of your body, and how using a range of small movements can release habitual tension.
The Yarning Circle
Sun 10am – 11am


Join Drumbumba in drumming and dancing rhythms from all over Africa.
Frog Hollow
Sun 10.15am – 11.15am

Songwriting for Beginners

Elena B Williams
Showing people how to write songs using life experience and understanding the power of poetry. Bring a notebook, pens and instruments.
The Yarning Circle
Sun 11.15am – 12.15pm

Wild Mountains Environmental Education

Learn about this exciting initiative developing at a spectacular location in SE Qld, and find out how you could become involved.
The Yarning Circle
Sat 2pm – 3pm
Sun 3pm – 4pm

Harrison and the Planeteers

Workshop for kids focused on environmental sustainability and responsible use of plastics through song featuring everyone’s favourite superhero, Captain Planet.
Kids’ Fest
Sat 10am – 11am

Poetry slam workshop

If you can’t sing, this is the gig for you! Prepare your performance piece for the Slam, with guidance from JCU Creative Writing Lecturer Ariella Van Luyn.
The Shed
Workshop Sat 1pm – 2pm
The Blackboard
Poetry Slam Sat 3pm – 4pm

Demystifying the Fretboard for Guitar

Ray Smith
The Shed
Sat 3.30 pm – 4.30pm

How to make your own Stomp Box

Rosie Burgess
Come and explore the incredibly satisfying but surprisingly simple process of building your own stomp box. Discuss issues and design principles for that super fat sound.
The Yarning Circle
Sat 11.30am – 12.00pm

The Vertigals

Aerial, silks and sling workshop.
Village Green, near the Mountain Stage
Sat 10am – 11am


Anu Grace
A great way for budding ukulele players to improve their skills playing and singing simple parts, culminating in a musical performance at the Closing Ceremony. All skill levels catered for.
Frog Hollow
Fri 1pm – 2pm
Sat 10.15am – 11.15am
Sun 9am – 10am
Mountain Stage PERFORMANCE Sun 4.45pm -5pm

Fijian Storytelling

Andrea Kirwan
Andrea grew up in Australia, and when she was 8 she lived in Fiji for a year in her mother’s village on the island of Matuku Lau. Learn to how to sing harmony to Fijian songs and the Fijian Alphabet.
Sat 2pm Yarning Circle

Circle Dancing

Lettuce Dance Band
Learn circle dancing tailored to all skill levels and accompanied by the live band.
Sun 2pm Yarning Circle

Hula Hooping Workshop

Hoop Fit for Life
Learn to hula hoop with with flair and maybe even throw a few tricks in.
Frog Hollow 12.30pm Sat and Sun

Workshops in the Meadow

During the weekend The Meadow will be a hive of activity as we work with ‘The Golden Bee’ project to have fun with all things bees.  From Bee Hotels and Bee Poetry to Bee Bandanas and Bee Baskets.  We’ll also be making Dreamcatchers and doing a spot of Tie Dying.  Along the way we’ll be creating a Zine to document all the fun we had.  These workshops are for 12 years and over.

Are you interested in running a workshop?

Each year at our festival we try to present a range of interesting hands-on workshops and classes, where people who have a special skill or talent share their knowledge with others.

Workshops usually run for an hour to an hour and a half and are written into and included on our Festival programme. Because of the intense nature of conducting a workshop, and because workshops are free to all those who choose to attend, workshop presenters are not expected to complete the same voluntary time requirement as other volunteers to qualify for free or discounted entry.

Children’s Festival Workshops

Got a great skill or talent which you can demonstrate or help the littlies do themselves and which will put a smile on their faces? Then we’d love to hear from you! Blue cards a requirement.

Adult Festival Workshops

While the workshops we present to our adult visitors can be music related and include such things as special playing techniques, instrument making or even song writing, we really look for diversity here.

Some things that come to mind are belly-dancing, paper-making, kite-making, massage and aromatherapy. But there are many others. If you have a special skill or talent and are happy to share we would love to hear from you.

However we do understand that some craft classes are hands-on and involve providing the participants with materials. We don’t expect anyone to be out of pocket for providing any necessary materials and in this circumstance the norm is for the presenter to recoup the cost of materials from the people who attend. As a guide, experience has told us that realistically, a material charge should be no more than $5 to $10 per person.

Contact us with your interest.