Past Acts


33 1/3, Alabanza, Alanna Eileen, Andrea Kirwin, Andrew Vievers, Anna Weatherup, Aquapella Choir, Bones, Brian (Firedog) Boulton, Bruce Watson, Bullhorn, Cal Luder, Casey Clemments, Dan & Dave, Dave Arden, Dirty Cameron, Don’t Wake the Baby, Drumbumba & The Spirit of Africa, Essie Thomas, Fading Brightly, Fairy Fae, Finn & Jarrah, Fiona and the Sweepers, Formidable Vegetable Sound System, Franké, fRETfEST, Goodo and the Sexies, Halelujah Baby, Jack n Jel, Jacob Price, John Richter, Kay Proudlove, Kimberley Hunter, Littmus Steampunk Band, Love Lane, Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan, Mark Jackson, Michelle Govan, Mitch King, Nat and Maddie, Patrick Levi, Paul Longley, Peter Diamond-Ramplin, Realm City, Red Cat, Sam & Josh, Shae & Katie, Sonia Buckley, Still Waters, Suga Lu, Sun Salute, The Al Boulton Band, The Chai House Band, The Dvanti Band, The Fat Cigar Fiesta Band, The Hexhamshire Lass, The Lost Boys, The Ma Las, The Taste, The Three Stooges, The Vertigals, Tinpan Orange, Tony, Twisted Whisker, Tyla Jade, Wattle n Gum, Wayne Chandler, Whight Noise, Woodenbong


33 1/3, 4th Sunday Folk Music, Al Boulton Band, Ange Murphy, Barleyshakes, Bob Barford, Breaking Silence, Breaking Silence, Bruno, Casey Clemments, Cloudstreet, Crossroads, Crossroads, Dan & Dave, Dash, Dougwell and Sweeper, Drumbumba, Emrys Merlin, Essie Thomas, Fairy Fae, Freaky Bizness, Goodo, Goodo and the Sexiclesiastics, Grimick, Hailey Calvert, Halelujah Baby, Jig ‘n’ Reel, JR , Kimberley Terrace, Kimberley Terrace, King, Lost Boys, Love Lane , Luke Thomas, Maddie Simonsen, Maddie Simonsen, Maria Zann, Matt Stillert, Melissa Saunders and FishJam, Mr and Mrs Pothead, Niz Jabour, Pachooka, Peter Dymond-Ramplin, Ph@, Rebecca Wright and Donald McKay, Red Cat, Segah, Spoonlickers, Suga Lu, Swing Gitane, Tasha Zappala, Terrapin, The April Maze, The Ceilidh Clan, The Flumes, The Forty Thieves, The Jiggles, The Littlest Fox, The Ma Las, The Wee Johnny’s, The Wish List, Three Mile Road, Three Mile Road, Tilly, Tilly, Wassa Rhythms of West Africa, Wattle n Gum Bush Band, Woodenbong Fire Tribe


33 1/3 (Townsville), Angharad Drake (Brisbane), Aquapella (Townsville), Block of Flats (Townsville), Breaking Silence, Casey Clemments, Charlotte, Crossroads, Dan & Dave, Dana Lyons (USA), David Flower Band (Brisbane), Dogs in Doorwayz (Townsville), Don Jarmey (Brisbane), Dylan Green, Freakee Bizness (Townsville), Goodo (Townsville), Goodo and the Sexicleistics (Townsville), Grimick (Sydney), Halelujah Baby (Townsville), Hannah Rosa (Brisbane), Innes Cambell (Brisbane), Jeremiah Johnson (Cairns), Kimberley Hunter, Leigh Sloggett (Melbourne), Littmus (Townsville), Love Lane (Townsville), Luke Thomas, Melissa Saunders and FishJam (Whitsundays), Mick Makin (Giru), Mossley, Nicky Bomba’s Bustamento (Melbourne), Penny Larkins and Carl Pannuzzo (NSW), Peter Dymond-Ramplin (Townsville), Richard Perso (NSW), Rusty Datsuns (Brisbane), Shae Hudson, Shawnee Tweedie, Siskin River (NSW), Spoonlickers (Brisbane), Sun and Moon Child, Swoon (Mackay), Tasha Zappala, The Lamplights (Gold Coast), The Wee Johnny’s (Townsville), Three Mile Road, Townsville Ukelele Club (Townsville), Wassa Rhythms of West Africa (Townsville), Wattle n Gum Bush Band (NQ), Wayne Chandler, Woodenbong Fire Tribe (Townsville)


Angharad Drake (Brisbane), An Clann (Townsville), Anu Grace (Townsville via New Zealand), The April Maze (Victoria), Carinda Christie (Ravenshoe), Caroline Trengove (Sunshine Coast), The Dave Flower Band (Brisbane), Dawn and the Trust Party, Darren Hanlon (New South Wales), Don’t Wake the Baby (Townsville), Elle Graham and Lucy Hallows (Victoria), Goodo (Townsville), Goodo and the Sexicleistics (Townsville), Herding Cats (Townsville), Jodi Pattinson (Townsville), JuJu Moon (Mission Beach), Laughin Gear (Townsville), Marcy Prospects (Brisbane), Michele Govan (Townsville), Nick and Liesl (NSW), NQ Scots (Queensland), Pacha Mamma (NSW), Patrick Kehoe (Rockhampton), Paul and Heather (Townsville), Paul Shields (Townsville), Peter Dymond-Ramplin (Townsville), PJ Valentine (Northcliffe), Poms from Oz (Townsville), Rebecca Wright and Donald McKay (Brisbane), Sásta (Brisbane), Shaun Dempsey and the Usual Suspects (Townsville), Siskin River (NSW), Steady Eddy (Glenwood), The Block of Flats (Townsville), The Ma’Las (Townsville), The Flumes (Sunshine Coast), The Wee Johnny’s (Magnetic Island), Tree Brother and the Muses (Townsville), Two Steps from Home (Townsville), Wassa Rhytms of West Africa (Townsville), Whisky Porridge (Townsville/Ravenshoe/and the rest of them), Woodenbong Fire Tribe (Townsville)


An Clan, Aquapella, Astrid Elika, Aul’ Grey Whistle, Bandawalla Moons, Bec and the Call, Block of Flats, Cal Luder, Cloudstreet, Daniel Champagne, Dogz in Doorwayz, Don and Ange’s Party, Don’t Wake the Baby, Elise-Marie, Frencham Smith, Goodo and the Sexies, Jessiah, Jodi Pattinson, John Thompson, Ju Ju Moon, Laughin’ Gear, Lettuce Dance Band, Little Wing, Littmus, Michele and Margarita, Lucyfish and the Mindfolk, Nick and Liesl, No Mean Feet, Patrick Levi and the Flow, Peter Dymond-Ramplin, Poms from Oz, Shaun Dempsey and the Usual Suspects, Shells, Steady Eddy, Swoon, Tabi Sari, The Barfords, The Great Unknown, The Ma La’s, The Townsville Ukulele Club, The Tremadours, Tinkers Cuss, Tinpan Orange, TreeBrother, Two Steps From Home, Ukebox, Whiskey Porridge, Woje, Wattle ‘n’ Gum, Woodenbong Fire Tribe


Ange Takats, Billy Tea and Bush Songs, Cal Luder, Charlotte Emily, Chris Ingham, Eb and Flo – Cigar Box Man, Daniel Champagne, Dogz in Doorways , Don’t Wake The Baby, Fading Brightly, Goodo And The Sexies, Jason Enriquez, Jeremiah Johnson, Jessiah, John Deegan, Kate Martin and the Homecoming, Katie Richards , Leni, Lettuce Dance Band, Littmus, Mark Both, Michele Govan, Dave Roberts and Michael Patrick, Matthew Obat & Thabisa Ageng, No Mean Feet, Pachooka, PANschool, Patrick Kehoe, Patrick Levi & The Flow, Peter Dymond-Ramplin, Poms from Oz, Potheads, Rebecca McHutchison, Swoon, The Flumes, The Shaun Dempsey Set, The 3, The Tremadours, Tinpan Orange, Townsville Ukulele Club, Traces of Nuts, Treebrother, Two Steps from Home, Wassa, Wattle’n Gum, Whiskey Porridge, Woodenbong Firedance Troupe


An Clan, Aul’ Grey Whistle, Bandawalla Moons, Baron Field, Bob Eden, Bruce Watson, Cal Luder, Chris Ingham, Civil Eyes, Cloudstreet, Courtney Young, Damian Howard and the Ploughboys, Daniel Chigwidden, Dogz in Doorways, Don’t Wake the Baby, Dragging Pianos, Goodo & the Sexecclesiasts, Hufkus, Joff, Kate Martin, Ken Chow, Kristina Olsen, Lettuce Dance Band, Littmus, Lusand Sapolu, Perilous Pauline, Peter Dymond-Ramplin, Poms from Oz, Sam Goudie , Shells, Songbird, Steve Williams, The Blessed Outlaws, The Shaun Dempsey Quartet, The Yellow Birds, The Rosie Burgess Set , Totem , Traces of Nuts, Treebrother, Two Steps from Home, Underachievers, Whiskey Porridge, Wilson’s Duo


Adam O’Connor, Andrea Baldwin, Ange Kitszelman, Aquapella, Auld Grey Whistle, Bruce Watson, Cal Luder, Carinda Christie, Castle Hillbillies, Cloudstreet, Deckchair, Don Jarmy, Ed Bass, Freedom Express, Glenys Anderson, Goodo, Heathen Gypsies, Interstella, Jacqui Bisson, Jodi Pattinson, Joff, Melanie Hall, Mish, Pachooka, Patrick Kehoe, Peter Dymond Ramplin, Petsounds, Phil Hill Band, Pirate Brides, Poms From Oz, Shaun And Michelle, Shaun Dempsey Solo, Spirit Of Africa, Syrup Of Figs, The Licks, Voicepopfoible, Wattle N’gum, Whiskey Porridge, Woodenbong